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Mestre Toni Vargas

Below you will find a song wich is used in capoeira. I hope you will enjoy the lyric. Together with the berimbau, the pandeiro and other instruments like agogo, atabaque, clapping hands, the songs will come alive. Capoeira songs are easy written end easy to learn. I hope you found a nice capoeira lyric that suits your mood!

Mestre Toni Vargas


Portuguese: English:
Dona Isabel que história é essa?
De ter feito abolição
De ser princesa boazinha
Que acabou com escravidão

Estou cansado de conversa
Estou cansado de ilusão
Abolição se fez com sangue
Que inundava esse país

Que o negro transforma em luta
Cansado de ser infeliz
A abolição se fez bem antes
Ainda por se fazer agora

Com a verdade das favelas
Nao com as mentiras da escola
Ôh! isabel chegou a hora
De se acabar com essa maldade

E de ensinar pro nossos filhos
O quanto custa a liberdade
Viva Zumbi, nosso guerreiro
Que fez-se heroi la em Palmares

Viva a cultura desse povo
A liberdade verdadeira
Que ja corria nos quilombos
Que ja jogava capoeira
Mrs. Isabel, what story is this?

Of having brought about abolition

Of being a nice princess

Who did away with slavery

I am tired of talk

I am tired of illusion

Abolition was won with blood

That inundated this country

That the black man transformed into battle

Tired of being unhappy

Abolition was won much earlier

And must still be won today

With the truth of the slums

Not with the lies told in schools

Oh! Isabel, the time has arrived

To do away with this evil

And teach our children

The cost of liberty

Long live Zumbi, our warrior

Who became a hero in Palmares

Long live the culture of this people

The true liberty

That already flowed freely in the quilombos

That already played capoeira